Measured Building Surveys Measured building surveys with high quality and accurate building plans

Measured building surveys from Andrew Hurst Architectural Services are suitable for anyone in need of an accurate building plan including: architects; home owners; landlords; facilities managers; solicitors and building owners / lessees.

The building surveys that I prepare are measured surveys. All building features are carefully measured on site, with detailed drawings prepared off site using CAD software. I can supply drawings on paper at any convenient scale, or in digital format as PDF, DWG (AutoCAD) or DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) by email or on disc.

As standard, building plans will show an accurate layout detailing all walls, windows, doors, kitchen and bathroom layouts etc. Subject to your requirements, additional features such as electrics and heating radiators may also be shown.

Drawings may show building floor plans, site curtilage, site layout, location plan, building elevations and sections. Site relative levels and building dimensions may also be shown if required.

Costs depend on the level of service required, the complexity of the building an/or site and the travel distance. Generally, I am happy to undertake surveys within a three hour travel distance of Taunton, Somerset, which covers a good deal of the UK. Properties outside of this area will be considered.

I am happy to provide estimates for a project subject to sufficient information being supplied giving size, type, age of property, number of floors, location, accessibility etc. and including photographs if possible.

Typical costs for preparing a measured survey of residential properties, showing basic building plan layouts, are £5 - £10 per square metre of building floor area. This is dependent upon the size, type and complexity of the building. Costs would include travel to the site, survey time on site, drawing preparation off site and supply of plan copies in the chosen format.

Digital Ordinance Survey data may be added to show the site location for an additional charge.

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